Master Bedroom Re-Do, Now in Progress!

Aaand I'm back!  The last time I posted, I really meant to follow up with my life-changing news and continue on with my projects.  I guess that's the thing about life-changing really does change everything!  Since then, I had my precious baby (i.e. the news), had many sleep deprived nights and days, finally settled into a manageable routine, and have recently felt renewed vigor to return to my many projects.  First up is where I left off: my master bedroom re-do.  I'm so excited to work on this!

Awhile back I posted on my requirements for a master bedroom (here).  Overall, I really want the room to be a good fit for both me and my husband.  I also want it to be clean, sophisticated and calming- a welcoming respite at the end of the day.  While it's not finished yet, I'm really loving the way it's all coming together.   

Here is one of my inspiration photos:

                                                                       From Decor Pad

Don't cream and white together just make you want to go to sleep?  In a good way of course!  Pics of the (hopefully) finished project will be coming soon:)