Turquoise Kitchen Reveal!

Unless averaging one post every few weeks is considered acceptable in the blogging world, I've come to realize that I am not a very good blogger!  This probably has something to do with my love/hate relationship with social media (sharing projects/exploring cool blogs/catching up with friends= love, getting overwhelmed with all the projects I'm working on/all the people I want to catch up with/and all the things I should be doing and then deciding to do none of it because I'm too stressed= hate).

Yep, I'm a crazy pressure driven mental over-achiever trying to do too much and thus never actually getting much accomplished...welcome to my world:)

I DID accomplish one thing recently, with the help of my dear, sweet husband.  A pretty awesome thing...our kitchen!  Most of it anyway (there are still a few things/finishing touches that I need to do...I wouldn't be me if there weren't!).  But for the most part, it's finished, and that's definitely worth celebrating considering the brown abyss it started out as!

Here is what our kitchen looked like before (I posted about the start of the project here and here):

And in progress:

And finally how it looks now, after lots and lots of time and effort:

Remember that sneak peek I mentioned awhile back??  Here it is!  We removed our cabinet doors, and then used wallpaper to give the cabinets a fun pattern.  It was SO easy!!  Our wallpaper came pre-pasted, so all we had to do was run it through water.  We are actually putting our cabinet doors back up, but first we're having glass installed, so we can still see the wallpaper.    

Well there you have it, my kitchen reveal...definitely much different than how it started out- sort of a modern yet traditional look (which is pretty much what I was going for, since I can never stick to one design style!).  I haven't accessorized the space a whole lot yet, but I'm planning on adding a bit more color when I'm able.

Isn't it amazing what paint and wallpaper can do??  I was a little afraid of so much color, but I absolutely love how it turned out:)