Tres Chic! French Home Accessories I'm Loving

I'm a huge fan of Paris decor...perhaps it's the use of feminine accents, the usual standard dose of black and white, or that subtle touch of glamour.  Whatever it is, there's just something about the mix of sophisticated elegance and well-worn upholsteries that makes for a chic yet livable home.  I never realized how much I'd been influenced by this style until I started decorating my own home, and immediately found myself gravitating to the quintessentially French aesthetic. 

I'm always looking for more ways to incorporate this chic style into my home, and here are a few dream accessories that I would love to own!

1.  Black & white striped frame

2.  Pretty floral pink soap


3.  I think I would consider a land line for this phone:)

4.  Rose scented candle by Diptyque

 Via Barney's

5.  Perfect vanity tray for a bathroom via The Paris Apartment

Until next time...a bientot! 


  1. I've been loving a black and white classic lately. The color decor easily coordinates itself color-wise. Stopping by from thesits and happy to follow you. Looking forward to read more from you.


  2. I love it too! It goes with almost anything and you can make it work in any design theme. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Hello Deirdre! Found you through SITS! My sister and I were lucky to have a piece of vintage tray like that when we were young. We thought it was a mirror so what we do is try to prop it up (like a mirror) but always have a hard time, since technically it's not a mirror but a vanity tray of some sort. I only learned this recently, when I got hooked on Pinterest and Polyvore and saw the tray. I had a moment of --- oh so that's what it was for! Really did a Joey Tribbiani back there. Only I had a clue 20 years later! :)

  4. Lol that's so funny! It would still look cute as a mirror though, but yes I can imagine it would be hard to prop up. I probably would never have thought to use one if it weren't for all these home blogs and sites like hgtv! Glad we have a way to share all our ideas now:)