Dreaming of Spring (and Decorating Ideas!)

I haven't posted in over a week (bad blogger!).  I've been helping my parents move the last few weeks, so every spare moment seems to have been taken up with that.  And, not related to why I haven't posted, it SNOWED here!!!  The second time in three weeks.  UGH.  I shouldn't whine, since I could be heard saying all through December, January, and February "why isn't it snowing yet?!?"  But seriously...April is next week, and I am SO ready for spring.  Forget spring actually, I just want summer.

All this extended winter is making me want to continue my hibernation, which in turn is making me feel lazy and definitely not interested in all the things I should be doing this spring- like cleaning, and organizing.  So instead of doing something productive, I'm going to think about how I should decorate for spring and summer :)

So much more fun!

One of the first things that I want to do is switch out all the heavy faux fur jewel tone blankets that I've had out all winter, and replace them with something lighter.

I really like these French striped blankets from Pottery Barn.  The look so cozy but still light.

Spring is also a good time to change out wall hangings, and add a little more color.  I just found this amazing painting from Z Gallerie.  I LOVE it.  The colors would be perfect for my living room...the price tag, not so much.

I'm thinking I should probably also swap out my velvet pillows for something lighter and more spring-y.  Perhaps this leaf pillow would do?  (from Pier 1)

I'm also going to need a place to keep all the fresh flowers that I'll hopefully be planting this spring and summer- or stealing from the neighbors!  (Kidding! ;).  Seriously though, what better place to display the gorgeous blooms of spring than in this super cute flower vase I found at Arhaus?

So pretty!

Time to think of some creative and cheap ways I can replicate all of these :)