Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine's Day is almost here!  Have I mentioned my propensity for procrastination?  Yep I am definitely not a planner, even when it comes to holidays...I am trying to amend my ways however, and have been thinking of how to get into the Valentine spirit- and what better way to do that than to decorate the house for a Valentine's party for friends, or maybe just for two?

In my opinion, homemade decorations always look best, but I don't always have the time or inclination to make my own.  Lucky for me, all the crafty people over at Etsy have already cornered the market on Valentine's Day decor, so all I (and my fellow procrastinators) have to do is point and click:)  If I do start feeling crafty though, these ideas are a great jumping off point to make my own variations! 

Let's Party!

This string of fabric flag garland would look great hanging from a mirror or picture, on a mantel, or in a doorway.

Set a pretty party table with this cute "Love" centerpiece.

These adorable heart place card holders are perfect for a dinner with a Valentine.

I love the rustic yet romantic look of these birch candle holders...they would look so pretty as part of a table centerpiece. 

This red berry wreath adds Valentine color in an unexpected way.  It would look great hanging from a ribbon in a window, or from a door.  

How do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  I would love to know your ideas!

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