A Well-Appointed Guest Room (Or How to Make Your Guests Want to Come Back)

The other day I posted about our stay at a lovely bed and breakfast over the weekend.  The room we stayed in wasn't extravagant by any means, but it had everything we needed, plus a few extras that made the room special.  That got me thinking about what makes a good guest room, and the ways in which I could improve my own spare bedroom for guests.

Here are the things I noticed at the B&B we stayed at, and my ideas for how to spruce up my guest room.

1.  Fresh bedding (probably a given!) and layers of pillows, and an extra blanket folded up at the end of the bed.
2.  A mostly empty closet, with hangers for guests to hang clothes (not sure how feasible this is for me...I still have unpacked boxes from moving, and I think a few of them are in this closet...I should probably get to that:)

3.  A chair in a corner of the room for guests to relax in when they're tired of socializing.

4.  Practical necessities such as a box of tissues and a wastebasket.

5.  Little extras, including a few books on the bedside table, a vase of flowers, and maybe even a small plate of fresh goodies if I'm feeling really ambitious:)

What are your must-haves for a guest room??

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