My Updated Throw Pillow- No Sewing Makes Me Happy

I've been meaning to update some of the decor in my house, starting with an idea I had for one of my throw pillows.  I even bought all the necessary supplies, which have been sitting in a bag on our living room floor since the day I bought them 2 weeks ago.  Every time I looked at the bag on the floor, the ghost of my New Year's Resolution reared its well-meaning if extremely annoying head, and the guilt would set in.  Being a professional procrastinator has equipped me to ignore such feelings, but even I can withstand only so much shame and guilt before I cave to the pressure.  In fact, the whole process was so easy, I can't believe I waited so long to work on it.  People should just do things right at the time that they think of them, dontchathink?  :)

All you need to add a little interest to plain throw pillows is some ribbon and a little miracle called Steam-A-Seam.  You use this like tape, placing it on the fabric of the pillow and adhering the ribbon to it before finally ironing using the steam setting.

Here is my throw pillow before, practically begging for an update.

Since this was my first attempt with Steam-A-Seam, I wanted to choose something simple so I couldn't really mess it up!  I decided to create a box around the perimeter of the pillow with my ribbon.  To do so, I first measured where I wanted to put the ribbon, and placed painter's tape as a guideline right on the outside of where I wanted my ribbon to be.  I also folded the edges of my ribbon under to prevent fraying, and used a small bit of the Steam-A-Seam adhesive to keep it in place.

I did one straight line of ribbon at a time, ironing as I went until all four pieces of ribbon connected and formed my box.   It's very important that the steam setting is ON for the Steam-A-Seam to adhere to the fabrics.

And finally, my updated pillow, basking in its beauty:)

I admit, my box pattern design is probably still a little bit boring!  In my defense though, this was my first attempt, and I still think it's better than the plain pillow it started out as.  The good thing is that you can use any fabric or ribbon you want, placed in any pattern you want, so the combinations are endless and you're bound to come away with a pillow that you really like.  I can't wait to try something more complex next time, maybe a chevron pattern?  A whole new world is opening up for this non-sewer!

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