My Painted Front Door Reveal

A looonnnnggg time ago, I posted about my newfound love of painted interior doors.  This was quite a novel concept to me!  Of course, since then I've seen about a thousand painted interior doors online, effectively shaming me for my ignorance.  Fortunately, I'm now caught up with the rest of the interior design world, at least when it comes to doors! 

The white builder grade doors throughout our house are definitely a little bit blah, so I knew I would need something bold to counteract the boringness (not a word, you say? you haven't seen my doors!).  I decided to go with a classic black paint (Martha Stewart "Silhouette") for our interior front door.  While it's not as bold as say, hot pink, it's still enough of a change to add a lot of interest.

I started by taping everything off with standard painter's tape.  To ensure even coverage, I painted the indented decorative box thingys (is there a word for those??) first.

Hmm, I kinda like the black box effect that's going on in this pic...might have to try that!  Too weird?

Next, I painted the rest of the white areas and waited for everything to dry.

And finally, my favorite part, standing back to admire my handiwork:)

All in all, from start to finish it only took me a few hours, and the results are well worth it.  I love the painted look so much, I'm planning to paint the rest of our doors eventually too. 

For tips on painting a door the right way, check out this handy dandy tutorial I found on Pinterest:

xo Dee


  1. I love this! I did my front door and all interior doors in a dark chocolate brown. It really does add more character and depth to the house.

  2. Did you take any pictures? You should do a before and after post on your doors:)

  3. Yeah, the black box effect was certainly interesting! How does the door look from the outside, BTW? I’m sure some nice door wreath would make it more stunning. How about this one? :)