Living Room Reveal (and a New Year's Resolution)

After a way too long hiatus, I’m back!  My excuses for not posting in so long are as follows: a) moving in/ redoing /decorating a house is way more work than I imagined! b) life just got busy, c) I wanted to restart and refocus my blog, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it, and finally d) I’m a terrible procrastinator, which then turns into mental paralysis brought on by extreme procrastination, which turns into more procrastination…it’s a vicious cycle!  One I’m hoping to break in 2013, as it’s now officially one of my New Year’s resolutions.   I realized yesterday while looking at my to-do list that I really need to get myself under control.  My thought process went something like “Hmm, I really need to stop procrastinating and get this stuff done…be really productive…no more procrastination.  That should be my new mantra, something to really work on this year...and I’ll start tomorrow.”  Yep, I really thought that…and realized I may have a serious problem.  Admitting it is the first step though, right??

To prove that I actually have been busy working on things, here is a picture of how our living room used to look:

And here is how it looks now, post-carpet and with lots of changes:

Another shot, where I actually cleaned first:)

 Progress!  And yes, I have a picture in that frame now:) 

I had intended this blog to be solely dedicated to our home renovations and style, and I still plan to update on things we’ve done, as well as what we will be doing around our house.  I love home design/decor, and that will never change!  But, there are so many other creative and beautiful and interesting things that excite me, so I’m going to be including those as well…plus I have a short attention span, so I need to keep it interesting;)  Expect some posts on fashion, food, all natural/organic living, art, literature- whatever strikes my fancy really:)

xo Dee

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