Curtain Painting How-to Review (Only for the Brave!)

UPDATE!  I just re-read the title of this post and confused myself (it happens).  I realized that instead of making it clear that painting a curtain is only for the brave, it implies that reading my review is only for the brave- it is not.  Unless of course you hate to read... (but then why are looking at blogs?) Confusion cleared up, on to the original post :) 

I don't know about you, but when I have an idea of how I want something to look, I can't rest until I find just the thing I want.  Finding curtains for my front sitting room was no exception, and although there are thousands of curtains online, I just couldn't find that one perfect curtain- until I stumbled upon the diy curtain painting tutorials in blogland.  How perfect for my sewing challenged, instant gratification self.  I would love to end here, but in the interest of honesty: painting a curtain is hard work!  My main issue with the whole process has to do with the fact that it took me 4 (count em, 4!) coats of paint.  And full disclosure, this is not a painting tutorial, but a review of my thoughts on the whole painting curtains process.

I think the trouble began with the curtains I chose- a very thin cotton curtain from Ikea.  I was looking for a thick canvas curtain, but wasn't able to find what I wanted and settled for the Ikea curtains instead.  Because of this, every coat of paint soaked through the thin fabric, and it took four coats of paint over the course of three days before I had a solid covering.  Even after four coats of paint, when the sun shines through the windows the painted sections still look a bit mottled.  

Here is what the curtains looked like before:

After choosing my curtain, I determined how thick I wanted my stripes, and then figured out the measurements based on the curtain length and my desired stripe width.  It's easiest to do this by laying the curtain out flat on the ground, like so:

My dog thinks that anything I put on the floor is an invitation for him to lay down :)

Next, I took a measuring tape, and in pencil marked along the vertical side of the curtain where the stripes would go.  I then measured horizontally where the stripe would be, and marked in pencil every few inches so that I had a guide to place my tape.  This took about 45 minutes per curtain.

Finally, after taping, I painted with a latex paint from Lowe's mixed with Martha Stewart Fabric Medium to make it machine washable (I found it at Michael's).  I also painted on a plastic tarp so the paint wouldn't soak through the curtain and get on the floor.  As you can see in the picture above, I was actually painting on our new carpet-  I later came to my senses and moved my operation to a tarp in the basement.  (Please ignore the clunky office furniture in the background. I'm planning on doing a before and after on that sometime soon).

Here's how the curtains look now:

Final thoughts: while I love how they turned out, if I ever feel the urge to paint curtains again, I will be sure to pick a really thick fabric that paint won't soak through.  Otherwise, I would rather learn to sew before attempting this again!

Live and learn:)

xo Dee

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