House Dreaming at Arhaus

What a busy few weeks...between family visiting and the Easter weekend, we haven't had a whole lot of time to work on the house lately.  Thus I've taken to daydreaming about how I want it all to look some day.  One of my favorite places to house dream/window shop is Arhaus.  I love that place!  Their furniture is so elegant and sophisticated like this beauty, (which will also set you back a cool $5,000...hence the house dreaming part) but they also have enough rustic pieces to keep everything feeling livable. 

Just look at this gorgeous chandelier- it's the perfect mix of rustic elegance. 

Or take this chair for example...the worn wooden legs keep the chic tufted upholstery from looking too stuffy.  This would look amazing in a library-esque area.

And finally, the headboard that will one day be mine!  (Or at least one like it ;)

In the words of Steven Tyler, beautiful, just beautiful.  It just occurred to me that all of these pieces are shown in pretty much the exact same fabric- not sure why that is, but pretty nonetheless.

Unfortunately for me, my bank account does not love Arhaus like I do, and so for now I must be content to dream!

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