Master Bedroom Re-Do, Now in Progress!

Aaand I'm back!  The last time I posted, I really meant to follow up with my life-changing news and continue on with my projects.  I guess that's the thing about life-changing really does change everything!  Since then, I had my precious baby (i.e. the news), had many sleep deprived nights and days, finally settled into a manageable routine, and have recently felt renewed vigor to return to my many projects.  First up is where I left off: my master bedroom re-do.  I'm so excited to work on this!

Awhile back I posted on my requirements for a master bedroom (here).  Overall, I really want the room to be a good fit for both me and my husband.  I also want it to be clean, sophisticated and calming- a welcoming respite at the end of the day.  While it's not finished yet, I'm really loving the way it's all coming together.   

Here is one of my inspiration photos:

                                                                       From Decor Pad

Don't cream and white together just make you want to go to sleep?  In a good way of course!  Pics of the (hopefully) finished project will be coming soon:)

My Essentials for a Master Bedroom

I'm back!  I have a LOT of things going on right now, and I've been extremely preoccupied with one thing in particular, which I'll reveal sometime soon.  My home decorating has been on the back burner in recent months, but one thing I've been thinking about a lot lately is that I really, really need to finish my master bedroom! And by finish, I mean start.  We're still using the bed set and furniture I had before we were married, which is fine, except it's a little too matchy, and not really very grown up looking.  I could remedy this problem by painting...but what about the rest of the room?  This will take some thought.

What are the essentials for a master bedroom?  Or, more specifically, what is essential to me and my husband for our master bedroom?  With that in mind, I came up with a list of items that will hopefully guide me in my search.

                                                               Photo from Southern Living

My Master Bedroom Essentials

1.  Calming and Restful- I want my bedroom to be a place where I can enter into and immediately feel relaxed.

2.  Light and Airy- I generally gravitate towards neutrals, so it's no wonder that I want my bedroom to reflect that.  Neutral colors are calming to me, and I think they will provide the airyness (not a word, I know!) that I'm after.  Oh, and I want my bed to have layers of light bedding and pillows so I can feel like I'm sinking into a cloud at night:)

3.  Organized and Functional-  Decor should always be coupled with function, and my bedroom is sadly lacking in this area!  I would love to have book shelves or somewhere to house the overflowing stack on my end table.  A small chair or bench at the end of the bed would also be ideal as a place to relax or sit while putting on shoes.

4.  Not Too Girly-  Last but not least, I have to remember that I do share my room, and it should reflect both of us- or at least be a place where he feels comfortable.  I think sticking with neutral colors and a variety of textures will help with this, but it's definitely something to keep in mind while shopping.

Any tips for creating a master bedroom?  I would love to know!